On some locations, it is possible to get a digital guided tour 24/7.

On other locations there is possible to buy guide materiel at the local tourist information centre and walk your own guided tour.

Experience 17-century Sweden at the farm Sporrakulla

The grey timber walls of the buildings have never been painted and seems to blend into the surrounding pastures. The farm has seen centuries pass and as you step into the courtyard, it is easy to imagine that you have travelled in time. This part of Skåne is called Göinge and it is an area with a lot of history. Many sites commemorate the bad times when this area was tormented by the wars between Sweden and Denmark, but you can also find traces of the peaceful fight for survival in an environment where the forests, the lakes and the mountains were both obstacles and resources that gave the inhabitants their income.

Practical information: The tour starts at Sporrakulla farm, Östra Göinge kommun.

Skeingeborg - a unique fortress from the 12-th century

There are mysterious ruins of a fortress on an island in a lake called Skeingesjön in northeastern part of Skåne. When you approach the ruins, you walk in the shadows of mighty oaks. Suddenly there are high stonewalls, several meters high. There is only a narrow entrance where once a strong oak beam secured the gate. There is no other way in or out. The fortress is built in the shape of a perfect octagone with dressed stones in the corners. It is obvious that someone has made a great effort trying to build an impregnable fortress among the lakes and forests in this part of Skåne. But who can this builder have been and why was it built?

Practical information: There is a guide booklet available for Skeingeborg. The booklets are for sale at the Tourist information centre of the local municipalities of Osby, Östra Göinge, Bromölla and Hässleholm. The booklets are available in English, Deutsch and Swedish. The guided tour includes a kilometer of walking across the meadows to reach the fortress. The ground can be wet, but there are footbridges that makes it possible to get across.